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Patong Sunset Villas, Location : Patong

Asking Price 73.0 million THB
Large Villa Homes Perched High and Commanding Outstanding 180 Degree Ocean Views Over Patong Bay
Fast Facts
Location Patong
Property Category Developer
Purchase Terms Purchase of Structures & Lease of Land
Status Luxury
Living Area
Undercover Walkways

Study Room Render

Dining Room Render

Bedroom Render

Living Room Render
Patong sunset villas, where stunning vistas reveal themselves at every turn and earthy tones and textures echo the beauty of the sourrounding envoirnoment.

Ground Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan
Property Details
Picture a life of pampered privacy, a tropical retreat, veiled from the world by a profusion of breathtaking tropical foliage yet mere minutes from world class beaches and the bright lights of Patong, the islandís beating heart.

Altogether, 11 villas will be constructed over 4 different levels, from 50 to 80 meters above sea level. The design is contemporary/modern, and the split roof with strong features allows light to come into the inner garden between the living and dining room. The gardens of all villas are designed to meet various levels of the villa, so one can walk out of the various rooms into the garden. This is an important feature of the villa design.

Located on an elevated hill for a truly unobstructed view of Patong Bay and Andaman Sea, Patong Sunset Villas offer buyers the ultimate tropical bliss combined with extreme exclusivity. The private, lavish and supremely tasteful homes will be protected with a gated community where state-of-the-art 24 hour security ensures total seclusion.

The purchase price is divided into two parts; land lease and villa construction. The land lease is for 30 years, with 2 renewal options of 30 years each. This will effectively give 90 years of lease ownership. The lease will be registered with land owner Orchid Land & Property Co. Ltd as soon as the land lease payments have been made.

The lease agreement will allow the lease to be re-registered when Thai law approves a longer than 30 year lease period (i.e. 50 or 90 years), with a maximum of 90 years. Lease registration fees (currently1.1% on total lease value) are paid by the Buyer.

The developer will subdivide each land parcel, which allows a foreign Buyer to purchase the land freehold, provided that the Buyer has a Thai partner or Thai company. The freehold option is available as soon as the subdivision has been completed. All purchase fees are for the buyer.

Price for available villas start at 72.8 million Thai Baht. Reservation of a villa can be made with a 200,000 Thai Baht deposit (approx. US$6,000)

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